Bikini - Mens Physique Review

Ironman 2012 Bikini - Mens Physique Review

The 2012 Washington Ironman Championships
Saturday October 6th, Snoqualmie Casino, Snoqualmie, WA

By Joe Bonomoman

The 2012 Washington Ironman Championships hosted by Brad & Elaine Craig and Craig Productions LLC took place at the Snoqualmie Casino, on a beautiful October day. The Washington Ironman is an NPC drug-tested event that featured 143 natural athletes competing in the various divisions. The event was inspiring as always but there were also many sub-plots among the competitors and guest posers. There was life and death, good versus evil, dedication, perseverance, brawn, beauty, etc. More on that later! The Judging began at 10:00 AM with the judging for Fitness, Mixed Pairs, Novice Men’s Bodybuilding, Masters Bodybuilding, Figure, Masters Figure, Women’s Physique and then into Open Men’s Bodybuilding. For the first time in the twenty-two years this event has been held there were no Women Bodybuilders! This is a drug tested show and in Natural shows Women’s Bodybuilding and Women’s Physique are very much the same thing, so that could explain it.

Zipfizz Bikini & Men’s Physique Championships

The Zipfizz Bikini and Men’s Physique Championships began at 12:00 Noon featuring two beautiful co-emcees. Promoter Elaine Craig and the beautiful Bekah Baker. Assisting Greg Jones from Zipfizz with the trophy duties were the stunning blonde beauties IFBB Bikini Pro Ruthie Harrison and ABB Representative Diane Rudholm. (See pic below) I normally don’t cover Bikini events but this looked promising with these beauties involved!

Ruthie Harrison, Bekah Baker, Diane Rudholm and Elaine Craig

Ruthie Harrison won the Overall Washington Ironman Bikini Championships in 2011, earned IFBB Pro status and competed in her first Bikini Olympia the week before the Washington Ironman. When the show started, the audience was treated to a parade by the Bikini and Men’s Physique competitors. I believe the emcee called it a “Sea of beauty”. All the competitors weaved their way through the audience giving their family and friends high fives and getting up close and personal with the crowd. The athletes and crowd seemed to love it. I know that I did!

Bikini and Men’s Physique Parade

The audience was also treated to a surprise guest performance by Nic Scott. Talk about inspirational! Nic was great shape as he was to be competing in a Pro Wheelchair Bodybuilding competition a week after the Ironman. Nic was paralyzed in a car accident and told the crowd about that after his routine. At first he explained he was devastated and asked God why him? In situations like that you can either feel sorry for yourself or you can inspire people and Nic chose the latter. Nic said the doctors told him that he would never walk again. Nic then stood up from his wheelchair and took about four or five steps before he legs got wobbly and he had to sit back down. The crowd gave Nic a standing ovation and there were very few dry eyes in the house. What an inspiration!


IFBB Wheelchair Pro, Nic Scott

Bikini Fit Body Over 35 was the first division awarded. There were ten great competitors in this class ranging in age from thirty-five to close to fifty. School teacher Kristine Braswell of Redmond won this tough class, with Angela Marie Butler from Crossfit of Everett in second. In third place was Azucena Gamarra who recently placed third in the Washington State Open. Naval employee Cynthia Gacita from Oak Harbor placed fourth and mother of four Julie Michaelson, owner of JMT in Woodinville rounded out the top five.

Bikini Fit Body Over 35 – Julie Michaelson, Azucena Gamerra, Kristine Braswell, Angela Butler and Cynthia Gacita 

There were three competitors in the Men’s Physique Over 35 Division. Randy Malikowski of Crossfit Everett placed first, Roy Plantz from Eugene, Oregon placed second and Brian Bibbins of Tacoma was third.

Physique Over 35 - Brian Bibbins, Randy Malikowki and Roy Planz

The Open Bikini started with the Bikini A, 5-02 and under group. This was the smallest Bikini group in the show but probably the toughest with eventual Overall Champion Hunnika Rodriguez of Issaquah beating Adrienne Ochoa of Issaquah by one point. Hunnika earned four first place votes and Adrienne received three first place votes. It doesn’t get any closer than that! Trish Flaig of NNPT in Pullman placed third and Jamie Sadler of Team Smokinbod was the fourth place winner.

Bikini A - Trish Flaig, Hunnika Rodriguez, Adrienne Ochoa and Jamie Sadlier

Open Men’s Physique A, under 5-09 was the toughest division in this category. There were eleven outstanding competitors in this group. The top three were each separated by one point and the top four each received first place votes. Boise State student Ryan Harmon of Walla Walla garnered two first place votes and ended up in first place. Jez Carter of RAB Fitness in Kennewick earned one first place vote but placed second, one point behind Harmon. Chase Hay of Team Swagger in Kennewick was a pre-contest favorite with several first place wins in Men’s Physique. Chase received two first place votes but ended up one point behind Carter in third place. David Halasz of Spokane earned two first place votes but ended up in fourth place, two points behind Chase Hay. Rudy Watson of Bremerton rounded out the top five.

Physique A - Rudy Watson, Chase Hay, Ryan Harmon, Jez Carter & David Halasz

Next up, Open Bikini B, 5-02 to 5-04. This was a very tough, well-conditioned class with the first four competitors earning first place votes. Casey Carver of Amy Levinger P.T. in Portland placed first in this class. Advocare Nutrition Coach Wendy Martinez of Wenatchee and Lyndsi Karp of Eugene Oregon tied for second place with Martinez winning the tie-breaker. Kristin Moffet of Moffet PTS in Seattle earned first and second place votes and brought a great look to earn fourth and athletic Julia Schaffer of Team Excellence in Seattle placed fifth.

Bikini B – Julia Schaefer, Lyndsi Karp, Casey Carver, Wendy Martinez & Kristen Moffett

Men’s Physique B, 5-09 to 6-00 was next. Greg Langlais of E-Train in Seattle, brought a great physique and look to take all first place votes. Greg has the looks of a fitness model and a very balanced physique. Ryan Weinman of Seattle University took second, Rick Parchen of Save Fitness, Seattle was in third, Nate Peery of Rockstar Physique placed fourth and Brandon Schreieck of E-Train in Seattle placed fifth.

Physique B – Brandon Schreick, Rick Parchen, Greg Langlais, Ryan Weinman & Nate Peery

Michele Messina of Vision Quest in Seattle, won the Bikini C, 5-05 to 5-06 class, with six first place votes. Kathryn Petros of 907 Muscle Girls in Anchorage Alaska placed second, Courtney Brown of Team Bombshell of Seattle placed third, Miluan Heflin of Bronzed Divas in Renton was in fourth and Kaleena Garabedian of NNPT in Woodinville rounded out the top five.

Bikini C – Kaleena Garabedian, Courtney Brown, Michele Messina, Kathryn Petros & Miluan Heflin

Dylan McDonald of 24 Hour Fitness in Vancouver, placed first in the Men’s Physique Tall Class C, Over 6-00, with Rainey Lott-Jackson of Gold’s Gym in Tacoma in second place.

Physique C – Dylan McDonald and Rainey Lott-Jackson

Bikini D, Over 5-06 was a tough competition throughout the top five. Jennifer Roberts, the bedazzler from Oak Harbor, Washington earned five of the seven first place votes and placed first. Saskia Boogman, an MBA Student representing Joy PT in Missoula, Montana placed second and earned two first place votes. Rikki Kunz of Save Fitness in Maple Valley, Washington and Shaylen Harris of Bronzed Divas in Kirkland were tied for third place with Rikki Kunz winning the tie-breaker. Kerri Baker of Chris Meredith Team in Bellevue rounded out the top five. Shayleen Harris was also awarded a Most Inspirational award for her incredible weight loss after a baby and getting ready for this show!

Bikini D – Kerri Baker, Rikki Kunz, Jennifer Roberts, Saskia Boogman & Shayleen Harris

Men’s Physique Overall was primarily a battle between A Class winner Ryan Harman and B Class winner Greg Langlais. Harman sported some of the best abs in the show against the balanced, mature physique of Langlais. Both received all the first place votes but Harman had more and was the Overall Champion! Harman received a beautiful Excalibur Sword and sheath as the overall award.

Greg Jones of Zipfizz, Overall Ryan Harmon and Zipfizz representative

The Bikini Overall was won by Hunnika Rodriguez of Save Fitness, who earned six of seven first place votes. Michele Messina was second overall and received a first place vote. The overall Bikini Champion received a beautiful Gold Overall Crown Tiara and a huge Niels Andersen Statue for winning the title. Last year’s Overall Champion, IFBB Pro Ruthie Harrison assisted with the presentation which was appropriate. All of the Zipfizz Bikini place winners first through fifth received a Niels Andersen trophy and a golden tiara. There were a lot of happy princesses in the Snoqualmie Casino this day. The co-emcee duo of Elaine Craig and Bekah were fun to watch as they had great chemistry and excellent commentary. I normally cover the Bodybuilding Divisions but this was an excellent show and I enjoyed it thoroughly! In the words of Arnold, “I’ll be back”.


Bikini Overall Hunnika Rodriguez, Ruthie Harrison & Hunnika, Coach Pete and Hunnika